Pic des Têtes (2661m) from Bois des Cheiniers (1600m) in the Laverq-valley with fall colors

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Photos from a mountain-hike to the Pic des Têtes (2661m) mountain from Bois des Cheiniers (1600m) in the Laverq-valley, Provence, Southern France, with fall colors, in 06-Oct-2002.

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1: The view to the Clariont village - with popart colors.
2: Same photo with more realistic colors
3: The road which leads to the starting point of the hike is in such bad condition that I would not have followed it further even without the new barrier which the subventionproof municipality of Meolans-Revel installed. The literature which explains the reason and the legal ground for barring the road and the consequences of surpassing the barrier with a vehicle, is longer than the declaration of interdependence of the United States.
4: The sea-alpes in the south begin here on the Crete de la Blanche. There is absolutely nothing but a few cows which already parted, because the summer season ended.
5: A good trail prepares for the storming the summit.
6: Shiva arrived first on the summit, but I sent it back to capture her arrival.
7: The summit.
8: Shiva is on seventh dog-sky
9: Thanks, St. Peter, for the good and mild weather without wind and with a clear view to the four-thousand meter high Ecrins mountains
10: Thanks to a few clouds, this photo became less boring.
11: Edelweiss
12: Stalagmit, observed by Shiva.
13: Last but not least in retroperspective, the summit taken from the ridge (Crete de la Blanche). If Shiva did not eat me today, she will eventually still live tomorrow.

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